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Its Sunday once again and Fred is in his element. Ruby has arrived back from a party back the west with not one, but three friends in tow. When I got home this morning he had all three of the girls on the couch, putting the chat on them and showing them his movie collection. A step-up from showing his etchings and he had them charmed. They went upstairs a couple of hours ago and he’s been waiting for them to come back down ever since. He has his golf clubs out and is going to teach them how to play later, he relaxed once they assured him they were staying over. A captive audience for the man to entertain.


It’s been another good week for the little man. Today is day 14 seizure free so Lisa and I have being watching him even closer than usually. No sign of any jitters though he has been a bit dopey from time to time, since Friday evening he’s been slightly off form but only slightly. From time to time his eyes will flicker which tells us something is on it’s way. It can wait though, none are us are in any hurry to see the man go through a seizure cluster even though we know it is inevitable.


This week saw Jayden come over for a couple of hours of playtime. Jayden, the new friend Freddie made at school. The gorgeous little fellow who Freddie couldn’t stop talking about after the first week. So excited was Fred that Jayden was coming over that he couldn’t remember his name….


“My friend Adrian is coming over,” he said on Wednesday after Lisa had organised the playtime.


“Jayden, Jayden, Jayden” Lisa and I would say over and over.


Fred would start again and get the name right.


Thursday morning and the first thing he said when he woke up was…


“I’m so excited that…” he stopped to think, give his brain a chance to catch up, “Jayden is coming over today.”


Downstairs he said to Lisa…


“I’ll be inside in the sitting room and you will say it like this, “Freddie! Your friend Jayden is here.”


The little man just couldn’t wait.


Eventually 11.30 came round and Jayden drove up with his Mum. The excitement was massive. Every toy was dragged out, every room visited and every game possible was played. By the time Jayden’s Mum came to collect him at 1.30 the two had had a great morning and the first playtime in four years had gone as smoothly as possible.


Freddie was very sad when Jayden had left…


“I miss my friend Jayden,” he’d say, eyes down, big sighs and a hangdog look to melt the hardest heart.


Thursday evening saw Freddie exhausted after it all and he fell asleep on his mothers lap by about 8.30pm.


Another landmark day in Fred’s getting back to normal.


We tried it again on Friday morning and the two had a great time again. However about 1pm the men came downstairs and Freddie didn’t look 100%. Lisa and I thought it best to be safe than sorry, not to have a playtime ruined, so Lisa called Jayden’s Mum. She collected him and in the end we only missed the last half hour of the allotted time. All in all not bad for such a momentous occasion. After Jayden left, Lisa and Freddie walked him to the car, on their way back inside Fred turned to Lisa…


“Can I have my lunch now?” he asked, not that disturbed by all the carry-on, thankfully.


On Monday Fred wanted to go to the ‘toy store.’ As he doesn’t get out too much and we are trying to get him out and about, the three of us set off. In the car I was thinking how great that we have the confidence to do these things. After all it’s only a trip in the car but so shattered has our confidence been that we avoided these trips. At the store he didn’t see anything he wanted. He’s gotten back into Yu-Gi-Oh cards recently, even wiped the floor with Conor on the trip the Dublin last week. Though I think Conor eventually clicked that he was consistently getting the low value cards. Unfortunately Yu-Gi-Oh is so last year and they don’t stock them anymore. Back in the car with us and over to the other shop in the centre of Tralee.


As the traffic was heavy and there wasn’t any parking, I jumped out to have a look in Caballs. Fred asked if he could come. A few months back I would have said no but I nodded and he jumped out too. Lisa drove off and the two of us were alone on the mean streets of Tralee. In the shop we found a plane on sale, which covered his budget of €5.00 and even had time for a look around. After a few minutes we were back on the street, waiting for Lisa and watching the crowds go by. Such a simple thing but lovely for us to do it again and without any fear. After about five minutes, Lisa drove up and in we jumped, Fred over the moon with his new plane, Dad happy that the trip to the shops had gone so well.


Such simple pleasures.


Fred still has Elaine coming over for thee hours a week. He claims not to like it and says he doesn’t want her over but once she arrives the two take over the front room. The laughing and giggling is worse than Ruby with her friends. Fred’s reading and speech is improving no end and despite himself, he’s doing well with Elaine. The sad news is that Elaine is leaving for Dublin in August as she got a fulltime job. We’re going to have to find a new Elaine which won’t be easy and I know Fred will miss her terribly.


Now the girls are back downstairs. Hungry and looking for food. Fred wants to play with them but they are too busy with Facebook on their phones and iPods. He’s looking longingly at them and it’s only a matter of time before he gets Hannah over on his side. She’s usually the one to crack first.


It has been a week of firsts for Freddie and having the girls around just tops it off nicely.


When they all leave tomorrow he’ll be far from happy.


Jayden will have to come again






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