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More Seizures Please

Well its late on Sunday evening. Ruby is under a blanket watching Factor- the Results, a program that I can just about tolerate. Not watch-tolerate…when its on in the background and I either read the paper or listen to the radio via my phone. Of course, I’d prefer if she watched some documentary on algebraic equations but then I am only the father.

Its night time this week as I write this and the reason I’m doing so at such a time of night is due to the two missing players of the piece.

Lisa and Freddie are in the CUH, not an emergency I hasten to add. We got a call from the epilepsy nurse on Thursday evening. They wanted Freddie to come in Friday and to plan for a week, if not more, of a stay. The idea is to put Freddie on a full course of video telemetry, in a final effort to find where the seizures actually begin in the brain. If that point can be found then he will be forwarded as a surgical candidate, eventually. The week long stint of having the EEG sensors glued to his head and all seizure activity recorded should do the job. The focal point of the seizure activity, where it all begins will be found, of that I’m sure, it has to be there somewhere. This telemetry is only good if Freddie has a seizure or two, usually something not too difficult for the little man to do. The idea behind bringing him in on Friday was to begin a rapid withdrawal of his medicines, to ensure seizure activity will start within a couple of days. By tomorrow evening he should be off Vimpat, a time process that would have taken us six weeks under normal circumstances. That should do it…

For once we’re wishing for our little man to have a seizure and lots of them. It doesn’t feel right but then its for the greater good.

Lisa has been in the hospital since Friday evening and was going a bit stir crazy. Ruby and I left early this morning, both because we wanted to see the other two but also to let Lisa escape for a while. It really was a beautiful autumn morning, the sun rising in front of us, the mist gently clearing around the trees and mountains of Killarney. Ruby was good company for me on the journey and it seemed to go very quickly. We spend a lot of time in the car together these days which I suppose must be good for father daughter relations…still manage the odd row or two though, which can only be healthy.

In the room, the two inmates were happy to see us and soon, in true Verling family tradition, we were digging into a Sunday morning big breakfast. This one, from the café in the hospital, was gone in no time, Freddie obviously not remembering that he’d eaten one earlier!

At midday the two women in my life headed into the real capital for some retail therapy. Afterwards Lisa said she was the one sitting around while Ruby shopped, sounds like the early days of our own relationship before I was excused shopping duty…

Freddie and were confined to the ward. We watched movies, I read a bit, I studied a bit and Freddie snoozed a bit.  Every now and then we’d go for a walk, round and round the ward. Up to the door, stop to look at the fish, stop to look out the window. All this was on Freddie’s insistence, in fact, he seemed the most alert and active that I’ve known him to be for weeks. His gait was better, his arms weren’t jerking constantly and he wasn’t as dopey as he has been. Just goes to show the negative effect the Vimpat has been having on him.

Let’s hope it does us a favour and gives him a bit of seizure activity as it leaves.

About half-past four they brought in Freddie’s tea. Not exactly sure what qualifies for Sunday evening tea these days but a plate of three sausages, two rashers and a fried egg seems a fair feed to me. The offer of chips to go with was declined, by me, Fred was eager but accepted my word as final. His eyes nearly popped with excitement when he saw the plate put in front of him, licking his lips with the knife and fork to the ready. Needless to say he put the half pig away in no time, refusing to share with his mother when she returned.

Soon after the two came back, Ruby and I headed for home. It was getting late and we were getting hungry, plus Ruby didn’t want to miss the X-Factor…

We said our goodbyes as the two were getting ready for bed. They looked so cute under the blankets, Freddie sad to see us go. In his usual way he tried to hide his sadness by not looking at us, but his little face couldn’t hide the emotions. That little sad face of his is going to be such a winner when he gets older, watch out ladies, you have been warned. Wonder where inherited that one from?

Ruby and I headed off into the sunset, a full day down.

Let us hope the full week ahead of us is a successful.







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